by: Judi Jones

Natural home remedies are practical ways to keep anxieties and panic attacks under control. In this article, you can discover new ways to attain wellness – ways that are as close to nature as possible.

A lot of people combine conventional means with alternative measures in finding cures to anxieties. This is a good idea. This combination is better known as complementary therapies. A lot of practitioners agree to the benefits that can be derived from this fusion. On the other hand, for the sake of your well-being, it is important to try non-chemical means of overcoming anxiety and panic attacks.

Here is one of the alternative techniques designed specifically to cure anxiety and panic attacks:

Acupressure: As the word suggests, acupressure is an ancient Chinese art of healing similar in many ways to acupuncture. It uses hands (at times other parts of the body like feet and elbow) in applying pressure to specific points of the human body depending on your illness or concern.

This healing technique is completely safe, without side effects, and 100% natural. No medication is required. The results in controling anxiety and panic attacks are effective and instantaneous. And the best part is that it is inexpensive (even free, if you know the fundamentals of acupressure). By mere hand pressure, you can restore or accentuate the flow of energy in the body to activate its own healing process. This energy which is better known as Qi (pronounced â??chiâ?) or Qi Kong is used in turning stagnant energy into free flowing energy in the body. It makes the blood flow smoothly, thereby giving relief to stress, anxiety, and other bodily ailments.

The acupressure techniques discussed here concentrate mainly on controlling stress or anxiety. Alongside, acupressure will likewise provide other benefits to the overall health condition of the body and mind.

Initially practice these procedures (even without feeling anxious) to familiarize yourself. In this way you will be prepared to use the techniques when you are experiencing anxiety or a panic attack. Do not try to bring yourself to a state of anxiety intentionally just to determine improvement levels once these techniques are utilized. Practice them even under normal condition.

General rule: Press firmly but not to the point of experiencing pain or discomfort.

1. Grasp your thumb (either one holding the other) in a firm, earnest, and gentle manner. Continue holding your thumb until your anxieties fade away.

2. Tightly press the spot that is approximately 4 to 4.5 cm from the bottom of your palm, while taking several deep breaths.

3. Intently press the spot where the â??third eyeâ? is perceived to be (at the center of your forehead, in the middle of your eyebrows). Then grasp the middle toe. A pressure from top to bottom accelerates the flow of energy down the body, thereby releasing anxiety.

A lot of people affirm the effectiveness of acupressure methods. To some, these techniques may be new and they may feel apprehensive to try them. But the important thing here is that acupressure procedures are natural and externally applied. With no medication to be taken internally, it can be concluded that acupressure methods are completely safe.

Remember, because this technique can cause no harm, but can potentially cause you to relax – there is no down side.

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