by: Johan Petersen

Bee pollen is known as nature?s wonder food because it contains nutrients that can aid individuals suffering from diabetes and its complications.

Diabetes happens when the production of insulin is low and the glucose that was supposed to be absorbed by the cells as a form of energy just remains in the bloodstream. Diabetes is also accompanied by complications that affect the other organs in the body.

Fortunately bee pollen can help individuals suffering from diabetes and its complication cope by:

? Strengthening the immune system – Bee pollen contains high amount of anti-oxidant that protects the body from stress caused by diabetes. Too much sugar in the blood can cause stressful damage in the vital organs. Bee pollen can help lesson those damages and improve its function.

? Increasing energy – Diabetics are often tired because they can?t get enough calories to burn as energy. Bee pollen contains high amount of protein and amino acid that are also used by athletes to increase their energy reserve.

? Hasten wound healing – People with diabetes know that one complication they can get from their disease is infection. Their open wounds do not heal immediately because of too much sugar in the blood. Open wounds can increases chances of infection and even necrosis. Bee pollen contains vitamins A, C and E that can hasten would healing and prevent infection.

? Manage weight – Diabetes and obesity often goes hand-in-hand. Bee pollen can help manage diabetes and obesity because of its components that increase metabolism and help burn fats.

? Increase overall health and wellbeing – Bee pollen is also high in other nutrients such as minerals, enzymes, coenzymes, B complex and so much more. Diabetes can make a person vulnerable to other forms of diseases. Bee pollen can increase overall health and wellness by providing the nutrients needed by the body to counteract viruses and bacteria.

Diabetes can be manageable if a person can couple it with a healthy and fit lifestyle. Bee pollen would greatly help if partnered with proper diet and exercise. Bee pollen can be taken directly or as a supplement for more convenience.

Bee pollen supplements are potent and effective for diabetes if it is made of high quality. Some supplements are cheap because it is mixed with fillers and preservatives that have a negative effect on the body.

To be assured of its quality, buy only from reputable brands that harvest their bee pollen from New Zealand. This will guarantee a potent and effective supplement free form any contaminants and toxins.
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