by: Debbie Miller

Bees are able to create natural ingredients that are powerful and very effective in supporting good health. Bee pollen is believed to be made of almost every known mineral in the planet, together with numerous vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and enzymes. Many also claim that bee pollen is an effective anti oxidant.

Not only is it good for human health, but bee pollen is also given to the queen bee because its nutrients can make her outgrow and outlive the average bee worker.

The creation of bee pollen and royal jelly is something we cannot recreate and just like a queen bee, we must also rely to the worker bees for its production. Once harvested, royal jelly must go through a process where the risk of contamination is lessened.

The golden honey is believed to have been used by our ancestors. There are a number of ancient civilizations who have used bee pollen because of the many benefits it can bring to the body. Scholars have also found ancient records on the use of honey in a lot of ancient books such as the Torah, Bible and the Koran.

Ronald Reagan, an American President also benefited from the healing powers of bee pollen.

Aside from being scientifically proven to be effective, bee pollen has always been one of the most popular remedies used by the elders because of their strong belief on its healing powers. Not only will it increase your energy, your body?s immune system is also strengthened by increasing your white and red blood cells.

Damaged cells are also repaired and bee pollen can cure almost all diseases because of its unique antibacterial qualities.

Bee pollen and royal jelly are also good for the digestion because it moderates and controls the organisms that are living in the intestines that help in digesting and distribution of nutrients.

But before we jump into more benefits offered by bee pollen, let us first discuss where it really came from and how it is produced. Pollen is produced by the male plant and as bees jump from one flower to another to gather nectar, they help in plant reproduction by transferring bits of pollen between male and female plants. Some of the pollen gets left behind and makes it back to the hive where the bee keepers collect it.

People who are allergic to pollen are bound to be affected by it and exposure to bee pollen and royal jelly can trigger asthma attacks, sore throats, hives, facial itches and sometimes, anaphylactic shock in some people. These attacks can be triggered even with just one teaspoon of royal jelly or bee pollen.

Another major concern with the widespread use of bee pollen is that it is still being used by people who are allergic to it because of the belief that it can cure anything. However, one must always remember that using nutritional supplements should not be continued if you are allergic to it. Always prioritize the opinions of health professionals and doctors since they tend to know what is best for you.
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