by: Mats Loefkvist

Healing remedy for thousands of years.

As I am living in Samoa in the South Pacific, I have access to many of the healing remedies only available in the tropics.

Noni has been cultivated for thousands of years by Polynesians, Malaysians as well as Hawaiians and Tahitians for its therapeutic qualities, and thought to have been the most widely used medicinal plant before the Europeans came.

The people passed down the medicinal uses of noni to their children and grandchildren.

Noni is not only used to cure diabetes.

Noni is used to treat problems such as asthma, constipation, gum disease, fever, skin problems, cancer related illnesses, arthritis, digestive problems, diabetes, among many other ailments.

The noni juice also has a very positive effect on weight loss which is important when it comes to cure diabetes.

The noni tree is growing wild in Samoa and every week village people collect the fruits to be picked up by trucks and delivered to families processing the juice.

You get used to the taste.

I have personally used noni juice for 14 years and I am looking forward to every 30 ml taken 3 times a day. The noni juice doesn’t taste very good which is the reason for many people to mix it with other juices.

However, the taste is very easy to get used to and as I said, I look forward to every drop. I drink the noni juice to boost my energy and to keep my immune system strong.

If you suffer from diabetes, the noni juice should not be mixed, as the natural sugar in the 100% pure noni juice will not spike your blood level which could happen with a mixture with other juices.

The Samoan noni juice is of very high quality according to tests in America and today the juice is exported mainly to Japan, China and the US.

There are mixed noni juices readily available on the international market and online. Some claims to sell one bottle every second which could indicate the potential of the noni as a healing product.
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