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Electromagnetic Healing

What is electromagnetic healing? Well, put simply, it?s a way of producing potentially profound shifts in health without laying on hands, exercising or taking any substances.

From the perspective of Taoism , the body is an electro-magnetic organism. A lot of very wise healers over the course of thousands of years have been aware of this, and in fact, the meridians we hear about from acupuncturists are a way of charting the electromagnetism that runs through our bodies.

This principle is already being used in conventional medicine: ECG and MRI machines use electrical and magnetic energy to diagnose and in some cases to assist in healing. And there are now electromagnetic products that you can use at home, either to help the body to heal, or to balance it and support optimal health. They contain magnets which work by raising the frequency of your cells and bringing them back into balance with their natural state of being. When this happens, your body?s ability to eliminate toxins increases and natural healing can take place.

The arrival of these products on the market couldn?t have come at a better time, since in the modern age we seem to be surrounded by pollutants. They?re in a lot of the substances we ingest, they?re in the air we breathe, and we?re surrounded by potentially harmful electro-magnetic energies from the computers, phones and other equipment that we use every day. So it?s more important than ever before to make sure we get our bodies back into balance by using an electromagnetic device like a mattress pad.

And it really couldn?t be easier. You don?t have to do anything or take anything ? you simply lie on it, and while you sleep, the electromagnetic field it creates will raise the vibration of your cells and help your body restore itself to full health.

It really is that simple to introduce something into your life that can dramatically increase your well-being. It?s a natural way to eliminate undesirable influences on the body, there are no harmful side-effects and the benefits can be profoundly transforming. Wouldn?t you say that was worth a try?
Cheryl is a writer and educator with a particular interest in matters relating to health and well-being. She has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds to support them in making easy and sustainable improvements to their quality of life. Cheryl was inspired to work with Elwin Robinson, the founder of Lion Heart Herbs, since her own health was transformed after she followed his advice.

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