Distant Energy Healing
Distant Energy Healing

Most people believe that distant healing is the practitioner sending healing to a client, however, it doesn’t actually work that way.

First – Distant Healing is where someone who is not present receives an energy healing treatment.

If you look at the universe (think quantum physics) distance doesn’t actually exist.  What occurs is an energetic connection. The recipient needs to be open to the concept of healing and the practitioner connects energetically with the recipient with the intent to heal to the highest good. All humans are interconnected. Unfortunately most humans do not ever exist in a connected state and some will never glimpse the oneness. This is why practitioners must practice to improve their personal spiritual growth and the remembrance of the universal oneness in order to offer effective sessions with their clients. Techniques for distant healing will also vary from practitioner to practitioner and will vary from one energy modality to another.

So to state how it works in a simplistic way:

Using a technique, an energetic connection is developed between the practitioner and the recipient. The practitioner achieves his or her own connection to universal oneness. The universal oneness establishes the flow of energy between the practitioner and recipient. The effectiveness of the technique depends on the practitioners ability to connect and the recipient’s openness to healing.



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