by: Laura Ng

I’ve seen people struggling with becoming vegetarian and many of them failed. The trick in becoming vegetarian lies in the necessary steps you need to take. I would say you don’t really need such a strong will-power to succeed, but you do need to have some for your initial transition. Let me show you.

First off, you must recognize that when you fail in your mission to becoming a vegetarian, it’s not your fault. Neither is it due to your weak determination. How long have you been sticking with a meat diet? 20 years? 30 years?

It’s impossible for a smoker to quit his 30-year smoking habit and become a non-smoker overnight, let alone a meat eater stopping his 30-year meat intake habit cold turkey for the quest of a vegetarian lifestyle. It’s the craving for meat though, rather than an addiction. But you can definitely overcome that craving, once you know how.

How to Phase Out Meat

The key lies in taking steps progressively to eliminate meat one by one, instead of trying to quit all meats or as many meats as possible in the least amount of time. Your craving will become worse if you try to become a vegetarian fast. So, how to do that? (You’ll learn the 7 effective steps at the author-bio resource below.)

How to Relieve Your Meat Cravings

Next, give yourself some time to get used to more vegetarian food as your taste buds are most likely to “seek” meat texture at times. For some people, I would suggest them to go with textured vegetable protein (TVP) to satisfy their meat cravings. TVP is a meat-like vegetarian food. Some people call it “fake meat” or “mock meat”. This can be one effective tactic to becoming vegetarian. But if you don’t like TVP, then I suggest that you go with whole natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc instead. That’s a better option.

Will Becoming Vegetarian Make You Lose Weight?

One thing worth mentioning is, don’t think that your health will improve and you’ll lose weight (if you’re overweight) once you become a vegetarian.

It largely depends on what you eat and do with your vegetarian lifestyle. For example, if you go with highly processed vegetarian food infused with sugar, sodium and chemical additives, plus you continue to lead a sedentary lifestyle, your health is going to suffer as a result, even though you’ve become a vegetarian.

Of course, no matter what you eat as a vegetarian, you’re much better off than eating meat since meat-eaters are always at higher risk for degenerative diseases, cancers and other deadly illnesses due to the toxins and killer bacteria (like E. Coli) carried in animal carcasses. You don’t see many vegetarians got admitted to hospitals with cancers, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke, do you?

That’s the reason why more and more people are transitioning to a (healthy) vegetarian diet as they know about the health benefits of vegetarianism. What’s more, you can help save the world by minimizing the impact of global warming via becoming vegetarian. Now how cool is that?
Laura Ng invites you to find out how to become a vegetarian safely at now. When you apply her proven vegetarian transition techniques, you’ll become vegetarian safely without side effects, improve your health, your skin will become smoother and flawless, and you’ll lose weight naturally without breaking a sweat.


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