by: Debbie Bermont

4 Staggering Myths that Could Seriously Impact the Business Development of Your New Energy Healing Practice

Light workers have such amazing gifts to bring to the world. And, your gifts are needed now more than ever to help heal our planet, and to raise the Earth’s vibration. But, for many light workers getting the word out that you exist and are eager to share your healing gifts is the biggest challenge you face as a practitioner.

There are spiritual and business myths that are seriously impacting your chances for success in your new energy healing practice. If you believe these myths are true, then you will never be able to embrace the ground rules stated below, and I guarantee you will never find the business and personal success that you are looking for, and therefore, won’t be reaching the number of people who really need you right now.

The ground rules require you to say:

#1: I believe on all levels that I have the power inside to attract what I truly desire and know with 100% confidence in my gut on an emotional and intellectual level I will get what I want or something better.

#2: I accept full responsibility and am accountable for all my choices which create my past, present and future circumstances.

#3: I know where my home is.

If you understand and live by these three ground rules I guarantee you will have deeper more satisfying relationships, you will continually create new, exciting opportunities in your life and you will have the chance to build your wealth, and when you get hit with an unexpected curve ball you will get to the other side so much stronger. Expansion and consciousness are about finding the space of alignment and flow internally, which is your real home, so that your external world flows easily and more effortlessly in all areas of your life.

Misguiding Myths:

Myth #1: It’s not spiritual to be rich. This is a common belief in the spiritual and energy community. Many energy workers have a hard time asking to get paid for the value of what they are worth, because they believe they have a gift that was given to them, and it should be offered for free. Or they want to share their gift at a reduced fee with people who can’t afford their full fee.

When you stop the energy flow of money, which entails giving and receiving in an even exchange, then you form an immediate block of constriction and it will deplete you not only financially, but emotionally and physically. The reverse of this myth is actual truth. The more wealth you generate using an even energy exchange the more you contribute to the flow of expansion in the universe.

Myth #2: If you are religious or spiritual, you are conscious. You can be religious and/or spiritual and completely unconscious. Spirituality is the belief you have a soul and you believe in some sort of universal power, whether you call it God or a higher power or the universe. Consciousness is the path of awareness of who you really are, and the courage to uncover the truth of what disconnects you from your authentic self. Take responsibility for your choices and take action in walking a path aligned with your soul.

I believe you need to be spiritual to be conscious, but you do not need to be conscious to be spiritual. Spirituality without consciousness is like having a fire hose without water in putting out a fire. You have the equipment to put out a fire, but you don’t have the necessary ingredient to get results. The conscious journey is the only journey which will give you peace of mind and access to your highest source of power.

Myth #3:You’re broken in some way. I mean internally broken.

You do not need to be fixed. You need to be aware of where you are blocked so that you can make different choices to create different circumstances.

All of you are amazing human beings with so much power and possibility. Your heart might feel broken, your bank account might be depleted, but you are not broken. You might be disconnected from your power in this moment but you are not broken.

Myth #4:External security such as financial security will bring you internal security. If you are in this world trying to get external security in order to get internal peace and security, your life will be filled with challenges and disappointments.

People want to get angry about what’s going on in the economy and job market right now, mostly because they feel someone owes them security. No one owes you anything. Outside security is a complete illusion. What I would say to you is that security is an inside job. Once you find that internal place of security you have taken back control of your destiny.

The biggest reason you want to find your internal place of alignment is to understand that this is your greatest power source to access when the external world becomes shaky and it is the only real solid ground that is available to you. External security is an illusion. If you are operating internally with a shaky belief about yourself, you will always find yourself viewing the world from the eyes of a victim rather than a victor.

Unfortunately most people operate their life as if one or more of these four myths are true. If you buy into any of these myths you are very out of alignment and will forever be looking for an outside source to save you and you will be breaking the three ground rules which will always prevent you from really getting what you want on a consistent basis.

Building a thriving new energy healing practice includes letting go of the limiting beliefs that were tying to the old paradigm of how businesses were created and sustained. Taking responsibility for your actions and thoughts is what will give you the peace, success and ability to help others that you crave.
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