by: Molly Luffy

So many people yearn to create a life filled with meaning. And now, perhaps more than ever before in our history, people are waking up to their spiritual nature. They get that they are non-physical souls having a physical experience. They understand the Laws of the Universe and believe that they can create a life filled with purpose and passion. And many of these people have discovered the most spiritual walk of all; the journey to return to wholeness and peace; the journey to love themselves completely.

Recently a new client came to me and spoke the words I’ve heard so many times before. “Molly, I really want to love myself, but I don’t know how.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this statement. Starting with me. Many years ago I woke up to the fact that my spiritual journey and search for answers led me right back to me. And when I realized that the real journey I needed to take was one of loving myself for who I was, I felt a little scared too. But this feeling was overpowered by an incredibly strong sense of purpose and desire to take this journey. I felt driven, like I never had before, to figure out what it was going to take for me to love myself.

This journey started a number of years ago for me. I didn’t have a handbook or a roadmap, but I was determined and kept working on it over time. I searched for strategies and ideas from spiritual teachings that resonated with me. I was brave and looked at my feelings and beliefs and things I was ashamed of. Eventually I became skilled in working with energy and I was able to let all of my shame and guilt go.

And boy am I glad that I did because life now looks completely different for me. Instead of beating myself up, my inner voice now has a dialogue that is supportive and loving in nature. When I find myself struggling with something and I notice that I’m getting frustrated, I soothe myself with kind and loving words. I know who I am now. Not as a wife or daughter or any of the other roles I play, but who I am at the core. And it feels really, really good. I am finally comfortable in my own skin!

My life has changed for the better in countless ways. And now I am lucky enough to support others in their own journey to loving themselves. So if you are one of those people who is ready to take this journey, I’d like to support you with some questions and strategies to help you get started.

1. Commit to the process. Consider loving yourself and actively work on it as you would any other important goal.

2. Get in touch with your “Inner Critic.” All of us having a running dialogue going on within our own minds. Oftentimes this voice delivers damaging and hurtful messages. In order to retrain your brain, focus your attention on what’s going on inside of your mind. Create an inventory of beliefs, feelings and fears you’d like to release.

3. Release your shame and negative beliefs. Before you can effectively fill yourself with empowering thoughts and beliefs, you need to bulldoze those that aren’t serving you. Learn how to work with energy – and then clear yourself of your Inner Critic Inventory.

4. Tame Your Inner Critic. Once you’ve started to rid yourself of the damaging thoughts, you can start to empower yourself with new uplifting beliefs. When you catch your Inner Critic doing its old negative song and dance – catch it – and say some uplifting words and retrain your Inner Critic to be your Inner Cheerleader!

When one owns up to the fact that they don’t love themselves, it can feel scary and lonely. But facing it is the first step and the loneliness and scared feeling can be replaced by a sense of excitement and empowerment. Because loving yourself is spiritual gold. It’s the key to the kingdom, the way to create a life that you love. Magic and miracles await you, if you’re brave enough to walk this path.
Copyright 2010, Molly A. Luffy, MBA.

Molly is an Intuitive Spiritual and Business Advisor for Conscious Women blends practical, spiritual and energy healing resulting in powerful transformations. To download her free Star-Power Success Kit, visit

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