Benefits of Energy Healing
Benefits of Energy Healing

Here are some of the overall benefits of energy healing for humans and animals:

Provides healing on the following levels: Physical, Emotional, Behavioral, Situational and Spiritual

Works with conventional & holistic modalities without inducing stress or discomfort

Works on the cellular level relaxing the nervous system

Energy Healing reduces and/or eliminates pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety. It may reduce symptoms associated with allergies, asthma, menopause, migraine, arthritis, chronic fatigue, to digestive ailments and symptoms associated with chronic illnesses.

Speeds up recovery from surgery or long-term illness

Reduces some of the side effects of drugs. Helps the body to adjust medicine/treatment after surgery and/or chemotherapy.

Enhances the immune system function

Beneficial during pregnancy, labor, and delivery

Aides the breaking of addiction

Assists in helping one process and move through emotional pain, grief/loss

Relationship dynamics can improve

Provides deep relaxation, comfort & peace.

Aides in better sleep

Bring spiritual clarity.

Increases focus

Improve self esteem and confidence

During end of life, energy healing enhances the overall quality of life while easing the transition through a reduction of associated stress and pain. It also assists caregivers through the grieving process.

For animals the above, plus for specific situations

For newly adopted animals provides a sense of comfort as they integrate into the household

In horses, helps to reduce and or relieve symptoms associated with lameness and cribbing

Reduce the impacts associated with anxiety and confinement due to kennel related stress. A major contributor to the spread, duration and severity of illnesses & behavioral which causes adoption challenges

Reduce aggression and assist animals who are extremely fearful, where the presence of other humans or animals can cause stress. Offers animals assistance in relaxation, provide a sense of security and emotional release, help them to become more accepting of humans, and other animals and their overall situations.

And more…

Energy healing brings the body into a balanced state

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