by: Shawn Phillips

The ancient practice of Qigong may be the modern day answer to much of what ails our present day society.

Developed in Asia thousands of years ago, it is still practiced today by millions around the globe. This unique and simple spiritual practice is quickly gaining in popularity. Prominent figures such as Eckart Tolle and Dr. Mehmet Oz espouse the need for practices such as Qigong for the health and future of mankind.

Qigong utilizes breathing, body movement, and mental awareness for self healing, longevity, calming the body, and awakening the spirit.

Roughly translated, Qigong (or Chi Kung as it is also known), means energy (Qi) work (gong). Qi can also be interpreted as life force.

The body is understood to have meridians or channels along which the energy or Qi flows through us. This energy flow enables our bodies to function properly, regenerate, and heal. Western science has proven that at a molecular level all things, including the human body, are comprised of energy. Now through quantum physics we are learning that this molecular energy has intelligence or consciousness.

Problems arise when this flow of energy gets blocked or slowed. Some contributing factors include improper food intake, an unhealthy lifestyle, injuries, genetics, and the number one factor-stress.

Imagine a lake with an inflowing river and an out flowing river. This balance keeps the water fresh and clean. If one is greater than the other, problems arise. Too much out flow (overexertion) can deplete the lake (making one tired). Now picture the lake completely blocked at either end, no flow. Eventually the water becomes stagnant, a swamp (illness arrives).

The art of Qigong enables one to keep the flow going and in balance. Qigong?s gentle movements, though subtle in nature, help to free up any blockages within our bodies and return it to a natural, holistic state of heath. The combination of movement (body) awareness (mind) and breath (spirit) can bring about profound change and healing.

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Shawn Phillips is a long time practitioner of the healing arts and martial arts. He is the founder of onlineqigong, whose mission it is to bring self healing to others through the ancient practice of Tai Chi Qigong.

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