by: Nanette Geiger

Every object is made of energy. A biologist measures the electrical signals in neurons with EKGs.

Stress has a specific vibration. Although, stress is negative energy. Stress is the experience we have when the brain sends out instructions that lead to an emotion (perhaps anxiety, sadness, or rage), a signal, or a behavior that isn’t appropriate for whatever is happening. By not appropriate I mean, ?the fight or flight mechanic is fired and there isn’t a lion after you. No one is pointing a gun to your head. But we run those chemicals regardless.

By reaching or tapping meridian points, ?the ancient practice of Acupuncture, we can begin to alleviate the stress? so it doesn’t build up in your body. It begins to iron out the wrinkles in your energy so we can change ourselves to a more attractive state, or more in sync with our desires. If you need the help of a Law of Attraction Coach, by all means get support! Using an independent listener to talk to will help you move off outdated patterns much faster.

Leading edge brain science and Quantum Mechanics are making giant scientific leaps in telling us how to change habits of thinking.

I want to teach you a very effective energy tool. It is named Temporal Tapping.

The left hemisphere of the brain is more aligned to critical thinking and prone to question… so we slip it past the critical thinker by tapping a statement put in a negative way. Such as… “I’m not anxious anymore concerning the security of my career”.

Beginning on the left side of your head at the temple. Tap with three fingers of your left hand, tap at the temple, going around the back of the ear. Make firm contact and make a kind of a bounce around the back of the ear when you reach the base of your head. You can create Law of Attraction Relationships today and increase your level of creative energy!

Tap and voice the statement with the negative affirmation five times on the Left side and then we will repeat the technique on the right hemisphere with the positive phrase. “I’m no longer anxious concerning my career security.”

The right hemisphere of your brain is more willing to accept things and to go with the flow. You do the same practice, but this time starting at the right temple and around the right ear. And say while tapping: “I’m an extremely valued employee. What I contribute is recognized by my job.”

With regular you will dissipate most emotional and stressful charges extremely easily. Try it frequently. I know you’ll love the results.
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