by: Seth Garrison

Do you think about the meaning of life? Do you wonder why we all go through endless plots of human drama? Is there more to a lifetime than birth and death and the stuff in between?

Have you ever wondered why some people who, despite being highly intelligent, keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Have you wondered why it seems when you end a relationship you seem to attract the same type of person to the next relationship resulting in the same negative result?

Lots of lofty questions there. This article series called “The Overlight Series” is going to give you an explanation of the meaning of life. You will receive answers to these questions based on the knowledge gained from my training as an Overlight facilitator. A knowledge that puts the trials and tribulations, that we as humans put ourselves and those around us through, into a package that is easy to grasp, but more than likely difficult to believe. So here goes.

We learn through repetition so these patterns that repeat themselves in our lives reveal much more information about us than we can imagine. Merely understanding the “why” of things can effect positive changes. The intent of this information is to offer a spiritual perspective to the “whys” of repeated behavioral patterns.

Overlight is a spiritual psychology healing modality that recognizes that we are the creators of our own reality and therefore have the ability to heal ourselves. An Overlight facilitator examines the “whys” of events in your life and creates a space for you to feel comfortable enough to recognize these tendencies and to change your perspective on them from negative to positive. This change is the path to healing of not just your spirit, but your mind and most importantly your body.

Overlight is just one of many new healing modalities. More people are also looking at disease from a different perspective. Healers are looking at things from a holistic overview, not just treating the result of the imbalances but getting to the inner root of the condition. It?s a belief that everything that happens to us is of our creation and is created for a higher purpose than what, on the surface it seems.

How many of us can look back at a time of chaos or disease in our life and see some positive results that occur from them? ? Best thing that ever happened to me? is common to hear people say although rare to hear at the time the events were happening. There is a reason for all things that happen and Overlight just recognizes this and shines this ?light over? the event to help people examine it in a different light.

The Overlight process is designed to look at disease, be it mental or physical, from the knowledge that if one can attain a shift or change in the viewing of the so called ?negative event? than from that new position healing can occur. Which will then ripple down through the whole being of your body, mind and spirit

Spiritual health is a broad term but one that I believe will be examined closer now and in the years to come. Balance of the body, mind and spirit is the key to sustained health. Overlight is a process that addresses the spiritual balance. Going to the source to get the answers to the questions of why it is happening and then changing the view, I believe, will unlock the door to enduring, long-lasting health in your life.

Seth Garrison is a certified Overlight Facilitator and creator of the energy healing system called “Back to Perfection”. Overlight is a spiritual psychology that is designed to identify the root source of their dis-ease, be it mental or physical, and create a space for them to feel comfortable enough to heal themselves. For more topics visit Seth at



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