by: Seth Garrison

Modern medical science in our society has risen to an almost god-like status among us. We are running to the doctor at any sign of physical or mental discomfort. Relinquishing all responsibility for our healing to the medical system. It seems that this practice by all accounts is stretching the traditional health care system to the point of breaking.

The intent of this article series called “The Overlight Process” is to view healing from a totally different perspective putting the power back to the individual where I believe it belongs. Instead of treating an imbalance with pills or surgery, Overlight looks at disease from a belief that these conditions are presented to us for the reason of attaining mastery of the primary life lesson and is a necessary part of life. In explaining this healing modality the lofty question of the meaning of life is answered in such a way as it all fits together.

As previously stated, I believe that this total shift of perspective from giving our power away to doctors or healers of any kind to one of taking personal responsibility for ourselves in all aspects of life is happening right now.

I like to believe that deep down we feel that relying on the medical system to solve our mental and physical conditions is inherently unnatural giving impetus to the ever increasing use of alternative healing modalities that give us back the power and subsequently the responsibility for our own healing, like Overlight.

Being an Overlight facilitator comes with a set of parameters tofollow that are a necessary part for anyone who practices Overlight or any other alternative healing.

These 12 suggestions allow facilitators to keep balanced while creating space for others to heal themselves.

1. Healing can only take place with each person holding their own power. The first and most important concern is to find ways to facilitate others without taking their power from them.

2. All facilitation must be by request. It is not possible to facilitate healing without their specific request.

3. It is only possible to facilitate healing with the highest intent. There is no secrets. and must allow our intentions to be fully seen.

4. As healers we understand that illness is not always a sign that something is wrong. Illness sometimes facilitates change and is only one state of health.

5. It is important to always speak our truth but in doing so know that truth is always a work in progress. We have to leave room for growth in the words we speak. We must honor all flavors of the truth no matter how different they seem from our own. Allowing other people to stand in their truth without being threatened by ours. Competition is an illusion of separateness that is no longer valid.

6. We must check our egos often and examine truthfully the motivations for our words and actions.

7. We must practice the art of discernment in making choices without judgement and only choose what things and ideas that nurture us.

8. Not be afraid to say “I don’t know”. Make space for empowerment of all and that none of us has all the answers but together, all of us has access to all the answers.

9. Know that the true strength of a healer lies in our vulnerability. If we share our mistakes openly then our perceived weaknesses will become our greatest strengths.

10. We must remember that we have no control over the thoughts that come into our head but have complete control over what stays there. Take responsibility for becoming the master of our thoughts and share the process with others around us.

11. Know that we all have the same base motivation. We are all looking for answers to the major life questions and remember that the easiest way to do that is to do it together.

12. Know that it is not possible to heal another. It is only possible to offer them the space in which to heal themselves, if they choose. We will not take responsibility for the healing of anyone but our self. Responsibility is the balance of power.We help people to take responsibility for their own healing so that they may hold their true power.

These suggestions were designed for Overlight facilitators but I believe they can hold for anyone who’s purpose is to facilitate healing of others. This is the future of healing in what I call the new planet earth.

I hope that if you read all 5 parts of this series that all or even one sentence rang true for you and you could relate the information to something that you have experienced in your life. My intent with writing this was to offer an alternative for people who believe that there is more to this human experience than just getting by or enduring everyday life with that empty sentiment of “Is this all there is?”

So, this is the conclusion of the Overlight series. In explaining the Overlight perspective I hope I have answered all the questions that I asked when we began this journey into an explanation of the meaning of life.

I truly believe the concept that we are not just human beings wrestling with the idea of spirituality but, in fact, we are spiritual beings coping with the process of a human awakening. This concept give us the knowledge that there are higher truths about life waiting for us to discover. Now that, to me, is reason enough to celebrate and enjoy every second of it for this is this is the real reason we are here. This is the true meaning of life!

Seth Garrison is a certified Overlight Facilitator and creator of the energy healing system called “Back to Perfection”. Overlight is a spiritual psychology that is designed to identify the root source of their dis-ease, be it mental or physical, and create a space for them to feel comfortable enough to heal themselves. For more topics visit Seth at



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