by: Tatiana O?Per

We generally understand sexual energy as an emotional tension, usually followed by a pleasant euphoric sensation when released. But instead, imagine allowing this energy to spread throughout your entire body and absorbing it energetically through all your cells.

When you are having sex, do you analyze what you are doing while in the middle of making love? I?m sure you have answered no! When children run around madly full of this vibrant pulsating energy, (that we experience as sex), it spreads through their entire body and they express it as joy instead. Hence they have not begun to interpret and analyze it with their mind. The child doesn?t sit back and say, ?I?m tired now, I want to have a rest?, during their play, as we do when sexual tension is released.

What we really have here is simply energy with only our own labels added on. As soon as a person comes into maturity, this energy is polarized and hence sexual activity commences. It marks the beginning of the aging process simply because we separate ourselves from this wonderful joy – energy. When sexual energy spreads throughout your body, it gives you that orgasmic feeling. It energizes your body and prolongs enjoyment between yourself and your partner.

Sexual energy is an emotion that you can activate to get the full effect of energy. So are gratitude, love, appreciation and acknowledgement emotions. If having sex can be compared to the lower notes upon the musical scale, then these other emotions like gratitude, love, appreciation, acknowledgement etc., would be the higher notes or chakras upon the scale. We all know how important these emotions are and how we crave to feel them. Imagine for a moment that if you cannot get these higher tender emotions communicated, it?s natural to go for the most commonly obtainable ones, the emotions you get from sex.

Recent research has shown that when the coccyx is stimulated in women who have never been able to orgasm, they easily begin to do so and enjoy a wonderful sexual sensation. We can now reclaim this energy, by simply connecting to it by using a simple exercise. But how do you maintain this sort of connection on a conscious level without actually having sex?

Exercise is one of the ways to energize your body using emotions. But what if you could have all these other sensations at any time, instead of waiting for the only one you know you can get from sex?

To hook up to your joy at will using emotions as a way to open yourself to have more pleasurable all over sensations, like playing more than one note upon the scale which enhances your sexual experience as well.

One of these higher notes upon the emotional scale is gratitude. We forget to be grateful for many things in our life and instead focus on negative images. Another higher note is appreciation, such as having an engaging hobby or enjoying the company of a special friend. Expressing to your partner what you value or treasure about them, and sincerely communicating through your eyes, plus taking the time to express your feelings, will increase the whole sexual level between both of you because of how the other will receive your genuine expressions. This is what stimulates all the notes upon the scale and the whole sexual dynamic as you felt it long ago, and is the key to this exercise.This is the whole reason that sex was so much more exciting at the beginning of our lives. We have just forgotten this priceless gift because we took it for granted way back then. The appreciation level is what ignites the body centers and is a feeling experienced at the heart centre (chakra), the main activator of energy. We are not consciously aware of this, therefore we lose it later on and the whole partner search has to happen all over again. Until we can learn how to do this on a conscious level.

Sharing feelings openly enables us to experience a heart connection and loving relationship with others and feel more deeply. Love is a cohesive force and acts as a rejuvenator for our whole system and maintains stronger health, gives longevity and greater joy, as well as making relaxation and sense of adventure and spontaneity more available in our daily lives. Connecting to your love energy consciously gives the body a re-charge, promotes deep inner healing and revives sexual pleasure warmth and connection with your partner.

It also enhances your creativity, enthusiasm and drive and has a positive effect on your self-esteem and confidence, energizes your organs, gives you a greater sense of vitality all over

Hence when we act whole heartedly it brings our whole life energy into greater focus, enabling us to be more present to everything that happens in our life making the sexual experience better than ever before. It becomes a beginning to a whole new way of experiencing lovemaking and takes your energy to a whole new level as your personal wow factor!

THE ENERGY CONTROL TECHNIQUE acts like a switch that stimulates your enthusiasm by boosting your own sexual energy. It can be used in any area of your life. Health, career , relationships or even improve your golf.

Its all about focus ? whatever you focus your mind upon, you will draw that into your life?…


An insurance guy will get you to focus upon your worst fear, you buy into the fear game and he has sold you the insurance.

If you fear spiders lets say you will inadvertently focus on them.

By focusing on what you want or don?t want you draw that very thing to you in some ?magical? way, whether its positive or negative

When ordering from the menu in a restaurant, you tell the waiter what you want, and you expect to get what you have ordered. You don?t sit there wondering that he will bring you what you don?t want, do you ?.

I usually demonstrate in a seminar how to use our internal switch, that stimulates your erroneous zones similar to foreplay. it involves 4 simple steps ? this is one of the steps you could try for yourself :-

For ladies try massaging your nipples try not to go into the whole sexual fantasy, remember you are doing this for a different reason here. The reason is to feel how your body is going to feel with this nice feeling that you are causing to cascade throughout you own body. You can do this under a shower for a bit or upon waking in the morning.

For guys start the self pleasuring process, and allow yourself to feel how nice it feels, but with the object here to keep the energy flowing, and not to ejaculate. Remember you are not masturbating.

When you succeed to recognize that you are indeed feeling very different from when you first started, try holding onto this energy and taking this into your day. To do this successfully come to the seminar where you get taught how to perfect this technique so it becomes a mood enhancer.

By acknowledging the divinity in one another, we evoke that presence in our selves and the other – this is the heart of all relationships at a deeper level where lovers are equal opposites to each another.

Tatiana ~ Tat O?Per

Tatiana teaches people how to turn up your internal power, enthusiasm and vitality by using your own sexual energy like a switch. This method not only prolongs a guy to go for as long as they want in the bedroom, but also works equally well for healing your body and changing any life situation.

This amazing ?energy control? method is called The Orgasmic Effect. Seminars to train therapists will be available by 2009. Meanwhile see how it can work for you at:-

Tatiana O?Per teaches people how to turn up your internal power, enthusiasm and vitality by using your own sexual energy like a switch. see how it can work for you at:-



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