Intention plays an essential role in energy healing.

What is intent?  Intent is having the mind and will focus on a specific purpose.

When a client has a session one of the first things I will ask is what the client’s intent is?  In other words, what needs healing? What does the client want to change in life? Is the client willing to make and follow through on those changes? A client does not necessarily need to share their intent with me if the client is not comfortable doing so. However, the client should set the intent and share it with God or their higher power.

Healing is up to each individual person. If a person does not wish to make any changes, or try and let their body or mind heal, then it won’t. Ever hear the old adage mind over matter. Same applies here. If a person decides not to make a conscious effort to change to heal then they will never achieve the results desired.

One needs to decide with clarity, determination and commitment what one wants to heal.

If you don’t know already, everything is made of energy, including what we think. Our thoughts create energy patterns. If you send out negative thoughts then negative things happen and negative energy patterns start to emerge and may continue in that pattern. If you send out positive thoughts or positive vibrations you can or are creating positive energy patterns.

Because we have so many thoughts and our minds run constantly, we automatically change energy and situations each moment and each day. Therefore, people should focus on the positive not the negative in order to create harmony.

So why have an energy healing session if you can focus intent yourself?

Some people can and do have very successful and happy lives. A person should seek an energy healing session when they realize that achieving optimal health and happiness is not working by doing it alone. An energy healing session is a focused period of time with a client or clients. During a session, a skilled practitioner, focuses the higher vibrational energy for the client and can help produce fundamental change for the client into healing and transfiguration. Energy healing sessions also have an interactive communicative component between the client and practitioner, in which the practitioner can assist the client in guiding forward for positive results.

On an end note: Intention in energy healing, to me, also means using a divine universal source. I use the Holy Trinity as my divine source of energy. By aligning with the Holy Trinity and focusing on the “oneness” the outcome is ensured to be in the highest good for all.

If you are interested in an individual or group energy healing session, have a family member, friend or animal companion in need. Visit our service and rates page.






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