by: Tracey Walker

So your family needs more energy because of all the activity that takes place. However, the energy drinks on the store shelves these days just aren’t so healthy for us. And as a result, I refuse to even bring them into our home. The good news is that a great friend of mine asked me had we tried DrinkACT, which we had never heard of. But because she told me it was a healthy source of energy, I decided to give it a deeper look.

DrinkAct is healthy enough for me and for my entire family to drink. I don’t mind my teenage cousins, nieces and nephews drinking this energy drink because I know it’s actually good for them. I keep DrinkAct in the house instead of soda and any other sugary drinks. DrinkAct only has 5 grams of sugar per serving so I know my family isn’t getting loaded down with excess sugar they don’t need.

Also, I don’t keep soda in the house because of all that caffeine. Do you know what’s really great about DrinkAct? It has NO caffeine! Amazing! Instead of caffeine, DrinkAct uses a natural ingredient called Guarana and it acts as a stimulant without all the nasty side-effects caffeine has. With Guarana you get an energy boost within minutes of taking the energy drink and it last for hours without the horrible crash when it wears off.

Another big plus with DrinkAct is the amount of potassium it contains. There is an amazing 450mg of potassium in every serving. I like this because potassium is what helps you not have muscle cramps after exercising. No one likes to be woken out of a sound sleep in intense pain with leg cramps. Potassium also helps keep your major organs functioning properly and it keeps them healthy.

DrinkAct is the best energy drink on the market today and I make sure that my family doesn’t drink any other kind. I keep the house stocked full so that I never have to worry about running out. I love that we can just grab some right from home to take on sporting events. This alone saves us hundreds of dollars a year.

So if you are looking for a HEALTHY alternative to feeling great and having a nutural energy burst, I highly recommend you try DrinkACT?you can’t go wrong!
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