by: Antonella Ercolani

Short Answer: They provide fast and lasting results with any disease, condition or problem that you may have.

Longer Answer: In my opinion and experience Theta Healing and BodyTalk are the fastest and most effective healing modalities available on the planet today

This may seem a high claim, so let me explain the reasons behind this statement

Before I do let me say that I have nothing against other therapies or modalities, and that I believe that every one of them has a place and is effective and has its use

For example there is no substitute for a good massage, or a juice fast! And different people are attracted to different therapies.

In Theta Healing we respect all modalities, because all can heal, but the research and experiences, both personal and of other people have convinced me that the speed and depth of results with these modalities is astounding.

On to the reasons.

1) Theta Healing works with Source/Creator of All That Is/God/Goddess.

In Theta Healing God does the healing, and that’s why healings can be instantaneous.

Vianna Stibal, the founder of Theta Healing healed instantly from a lymphoma that had destroyed her leg.

Lots of people around the world have been healed by God with Theta Healing and you can see some testimonials in a feature on Fox News that you can easily find on youtube.

Also if something isn’t clear and you need help you can always ask God!

2) Beliefs create our reality, are formed by our perception of the world and the people in it and shape it and in so doing can cause health or disease.

If there are beliefs blocking the healing, the healing won’t be instantaneous, but the beliefs can be cleared quickly and at a deep level, because as the name of the modality suggests a Theta wave is used both in the practitioner and the client

This is why the Theta Brainwave is important to healing:

Most of our beliefs are created when we are children, even though they can show up much later as disease, emotional problems, etc.

When we are children, up to at least 7 years of age we are in a Theta Brainwave most of the time

People meditate for hours sometimes to get to Theta, while most people above 7 years of age experience Theta just when they’re sleeping and dreaming

The theta brainwave is used also in hypnosis, and that is why anything said to a child is literally downloaded into the subconscious

If you say to your child “you’ll never amount to anything” this goes straight into their subconscious. (How they perceive it and whether the will accept it depends on their basic personality and on previous belief systems)

Every condition has a set of beliefs that keep it in place even if other factors like toxins or microbes are present, since why would you attract them in the first place?

Changing the beliefs = Heal

Healing is not limited to physical healing, chronic anger is a sickness, poverty is a sickness, disconnection from Creator is one of the biggest ones

Working to change beliefs from a waking beta state is like trying to move a 10000 pound rock with one hand

You can work on beliefs from an alpha state, but my experience has shown that they can resurface after some time

The alpha wave is very soothing and relaxing, and takes away pain, but it’s usually not deep enough to change the subconscious with a lasting effect

This is why hypnosis has such a great record when it comes to results, it puts you in a Theta state

There are lots of differences between Theta Healing and hypnosis though:

Theta Healing lets God come into the equation and doing so it’s like plugging in a limitless power source that does the healing and the change of beliefs from a deep level.

Theta Healing is faster than hypnosis, it can literally takes seconds to get into Theta and change a belief

You can download feelings and Creator’s Perspective, Understanding and Definition, which brings me to the third point

3) If you have never felt a feeling you can download it from Creator, and you can also download Creator’s Perspective, Understanding and Definition of anything

There are some feelings you may never have experienced in your life, and most never in the true form, for they are distorted by our beliefs and perceptions.

For example, your idea of feeling happy may be spending a day with your family, while for somebody else may be spending a day alone.

Happiness for someone may mean a tv dinner and a movie, or a walk in nature.

But what is the pure definition of happiness? And what does it really feel like?

Who can have a purest perspective of anything than God? Downloading feelings and perspectives from Creator allows us to feel the happiness, the joy, or even subtler and more precise things like what it feels like to feel the approval and love of a mother.

Some feelings are sometimes needed in order to heal. For instance, one of the first things that are done in Theta Healing are standard downloads of feelings of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the energy of the universe, and you would be blocking the healing if you didn’t know what unconditional love feels like, that you know how to receive it and that you deserve it and you’re worthy of it.

More specific downloads are personal to each person and to each condition.

4) Theta Healing and BodyTalk can tackle other variables contributing to the illness

Cancer because of a virus can be caused by belief systems that have allowed it the virus to be drawn to you in the first place and that have allowed your body to become vulnerable to it, but sometimes your body prefers you to work at a different, more physical level too.

This is where BodyTalk comes in. BodyTalk works with the Innate Wisdom of the body, which in my view is another way of saying our higher self or an aspect of our soul which is more directly connected to All That Is/Creator/God/Goddess/Source

The body when in balance is like a beautiful symphony, but if an organ is playing out of synch there can be dis-ease.

In the BodyTalk System there is a protocol, with things like microbes, toxins, organs, meridians and environmental.

With a neuromuscular feedback all the different factors like these are tested and linked together, to form an equation of factors that the brain and the rest of the body can readily understand and correct.

The detail to which BodyTalk can go is limited only by the knowledge of the practitioner. It differs greatly from Kinesiology for many reasons:

a) The testing is different and more subtle and much deeper;

In kinesiology the testing is to find out if the subconscious of the person believes a certain statement or not

In BodyTalk the testing is to find out what is needed to heal and in which priority they are needed, and the questions are asked to a deeper part of ourselves

b) As said above the detail depends only by the knowledge of the BodyTalk practitioner, the protocol and the possibilities are endless

Sometimes it’s important to be specific to get quick and lasting results, sometimes Innate Wisdom wants you to be extra specific

For example, if the liver is the priority to be treated the detail can range from the cells of the liver to a specific duct, from one aspect of the consciousness of the liver, like organization, to an imbalance in the Chinese elements in the liver, like wood and fire

c) BodyTalk works with priorities

The order of treatment is important and it is something often overlooked in many therapies.

If you decide that you want to do a liver cleanse but your elimination system is not ready to receive the toxins coming from the liver you may have what is usually called a healing crisis. Better first to get prepared before dumping waste!

A healing crisis is not something unavoidable or necessary; most of the time it’s just the result of not following the right order of treatment

In BodyTalk we ask the Innate Wisdom what the right priority is, and most of the time a session can be general and address other complaints of the client as well as or before addressing the major complaint, to get the environment of the body ready.

In Theta Healing, although we almost always work with a specific problem of the client, during a sessions we can ask God what to do, what to change, and what the cause of something is and we can quickly correct it.

Theta Healing can be used to treat different contributing factors too

There are ways to clear toxins, mold, viruses, and balance the heavy metals in the body

Sometimes spirits can be a factor, draining your energy like parasites

Did you know there are spirit attracted to people with particular addiction, like alcohol or drugs, because of the vibration they emit, and that these spirits can trasmit thoughts and vibrations to the person making it much more difficult to quit?

You also could have lost a fragment of your soul, a part of your essential energy, in a heated discussion or to a person you now miss constantly and this can make it more difficult if not impossible to heal as you should

5) Theta Healing and Bodytalk are really vast in their applications

Similar to reason 4, with Theta Healing there are so many different things that can be done, for instance, you can talk with our Guardian Angel, or your ancestors.

You can use Theta Healing and BodyTalk to heal your pet or your plants, and you can use Theta Healing to clear and program objects with specific feelings.

It goes without saying that you can use especially Theta Healing to improve your spiritual life and to live better, and also to manifest what you want in life, for instance money or finding your soulmate.

Thank you for reading this longer answer. I hope has given you some insight as to why I made the bold statement at the beginning of the page

Are there times where I want to take a nice detox tea as well as getting a session? Yes

Are there times when I prefer to take an ibuprofen pill instead of immediately digging for the cause? Yes, especially if there’s no Theta Healer I can reach, since I find it more difficult to work on myself when in pain!

Do I like some Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Quantum Touch or you name it? Yes, sometimes I like having a session of another therapy, they make me feel good and they fulfill a particular need.

It’s great to fall asleep or relax while doing Reiki to yourself!

Would I entrust my health and healing to any other therapy other than Theta Healing and BodyTalk? Definitely No

My Name is Antonella Ercolani.

I have been interested in working with energy all my life and I have studied and practiced various methods, among which Reiki, Psych-k, EFT, Metamorphosis and Matrix Energetics

The modalities that I found most remarkable have been Theta Healing and BodyTalk System

Theta Healing has been founded by Vianna Stibal, an amazing woman who healed herself instantly from cancer with this technique

Theta Healing amazed me for its effectiveness and potential for health, self development and spiritual well being

I certified as a Basic and Advanced Theta Practitioner

I believe that it’s good to give people fishes, but it’s sooo much better to teach them how to fish, so I certified as a Theta DNA Basic and Advanced Teacher with Vianna Stibal

I love seeing the changes in people when they learn the technique, in just three days their outlook of what’s possible expands and so much joy and happiness fills the seminar!

I’ve also studied BodyTalk, which I use in my practice for the depth of detail it can go to and the great results

Everyone has their path and their preferences in healing as in anything else, and I truly feel that BodyTalk and Theta Healing are among the most advanced healing modalities available on the planet today

Some of the seminars I’ve taken:

Theta Healing

Basic DNA2, Advanced DNA2, Basic DNA2 Teachers, Advanced DNA2 Teachers, Manifestation and Abundance (Certified to teach M and A as well)


Module 1, 2, 3, 4/7, 6, 9, Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers, Mindscape, PaRama Unit 1, PaRama Unit 1 Practical, PaRama Unit 2

I am currently enrolled in the PaRama College, which involves the study and research of the latest advancements in BodyTalk

Matrix Energetics

Level 1 and 2

Article can be distributed freely citing the Author and the Author’s website (Antonella Ercolani



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